AML policy

The AML policy aims to identify the client in the event of a use case where the service has suspicions that the client is using inappropriately. If the service suspects the client of illegal actions that can be qualified as laundering or attempted laundering of digital assets obtained illegally or the funds are of overtly criminal origin. For these purposes, the Service has the right to use any legal information, third-party tools for analyzing the origin of digital assets, as well as its own developments of the screening system.

If the AML risk for a transaction exceeds 70%, the service reserves the right to:

  • Require the Client to provide additional information disclosing the origin of digital assets and/or confirmation that these assets were not obtained by criminal means;
  • To block the account and any operations related to the Client, to transfer to the controlling financial activities and/or law enforcement agencies at the place of registration of the Service and, if necessary, at the address of the Client's registration, all information and documents available on the incident;
  • Require from the Client documents confirming identity, physical existence, address of registration, solvency;
  • To return digital assets only to the details from which the transfer was made or switch to other details, after a full check by the Service's security service, if it was possible to verify the legal origin of the Client's funds;
  • Refuse the Client to withdraw funds to the account of third parties without explanation;
  • Hold the Client's funds until the incident is fully investigated;
  • The Service reserves the right to monitor the entire chain of transactions in order to identify suspicious transactions;
  • The Service reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service to the Client if the Service has reasonable suspicions of the legitimacy of the origin of digital assets and to withhold funds on special accounts of the Service;

Refunds are made after a full check by the Service's security service, which may include detailed verification of the sender. Refunds are made minus a commission of up to 5% of the transaction amount to cover the labor costs for processing the application and arranging a refund. The return, subject to approval by the Service, will be processed by the Service within 7 (seven) calendar days, starting from the date when the User was notified with the decision of the Service regarding his return request. When making a refund, after passing the check (verification), the user must confirm the details to receive a refund. If the user does not provide the requested information within 6 calendar months, the withheld funds will not be returned.