Terms of use

1. General Information

1. 1. Arbuz.io offers all users to use the exchange service on terms and conditions set out in detail in this User Agreement.

The agreement, which is an official public offer, explains in detail all established terms and conditions, on the basis of which arbuz.io provides its cryptocurrency exchange services.

Before starting work, each User must carefully study the conditions listed below.

By starting to use Arbuz.io, the User is considered to have accepted the terms of this Agreements, no exceptions. If the User disagrees with any provisions, he is not authorized to use arbuz.io.

The current version of the Agreement is publicly available on the official website of the exchange service — www.arbuz.io

2. Terminology

Users will find it useful to study the terminology of this Agreement:

Payment system (hereinafter PS)— special service for organization of mutual settlements and accounting of monetary obligations.

User — a person who is a natural person plans to use the arbuz.io services and fully accepts this Agreement.

PS Client — a person who has entered into an agreement with the PS for acquisition of the rights of claim to it, accepted in the relevant PS and measurable in conventional units.

Application — statement of the User's desire use the arbuz.io service by filling out on the website special electronic form, on the terms set forth in the Agreement and mentioned in the parameters of this Application.

Electronic currency (cryptocurrency) — monetary and/or other obligations between cryptocurrency developers and its users, expressed digitally.

Payment/transaction — transfer of electronic currencies payer to recipient.

Original account — wallet number or other designations the User's electronic account in the PS from which the Source currency was sent.

Source currency — currency that the User is entitled to sell or exchange.

Resulting score — wallet number or other designation of the User's electronic account, to which they will send resulting currency.

Resulting currency — electronic currency (cryptocurrency) that the User will receive during the sale or exchange source currency.

Currency Exchange — exchange of the currency of one PS for the currency of another PS.

Course — the ratio of the cost of two electronic currencies at exchange.

Currency reserve — the amount of Electronic currency available in at the disposal of arbuz.io at the time of creation of the application on the website.

Hacker — intruder, computer hacker who specializes in finding and exploiting unauthorized access into computerized equipment in order to illegally use information that does not belong to him, extract some benefit, inflict damage to users.

3. Subject of cooperation (agreements)

3. 1. The subject of this agreement is to provide the User of Arbuz.io list of cryptocurrency exchange services.

4. Procedure for providing services

4. 1. Application for services arbuz.io is carried out by the user through Directions of an electronic statement through the website.

4. 2. Management of the transaction itself or receiving some information about the process The user's transaction is held using a special user interface that is located on the website.

4. 3. Arbuz.io conducts execution of all online applications for an irrevocable basis in Dependencies with the working conditions of the PS.

4. 4. Arbuz.io is not a party to the agreement between customers and the PS and and what circumstances is not responsible for the actions, both the client and PS. The duties and rights of the PS and their clients are governed by the terms and conditions and rules. providing services to the PS themselves.

4. 5. Arbuz.io does not need a certificate that the sender and the recipient funds that participate in the operation is the same person. Arbuz.io. Not considered a party in the relationship between senders and recipients e-currency.

4. 6. Arbuz.io does not verify the legality of ownership The user of electronic money involved in the operation.

4. 7. Using the services of Arbuz.io, each user gives confirmation that owns funds on legal grounds and have the right to dispose of electronic Money that participate in the appropriate operation.

4. 8. Each user must independently calculate and pay for taxes to pay according to tax legislation At the location of a particular user.

4. 9. Watching the quality of the services provided by the user, Arbuz.io undertakes Make all the necessary actions for its part, as quickly as possible, Of course, without leaving the framework of this agreement.

4. 10. In the event that for some reason the user wants to cancel exchange after payment, then the return of funds will be made by The current course is minus 5% of the exchange amount, as well as the costs that suffered Arbuz.io when returning. For example, such as a change in the course, the PS Commission and Other

5. The cost of services provided

5. 1. The cost of the services provided is established by the leadership of arbuz.io and posted on the official website.

5. 2. Arbuz.io has the right to independently change the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency and Chargeable Commission unilaterally and at any time. When soon The appearance of changes in the work of Arbuz.io each user on the site will receive Appropriate notification.

5. 3. In the electronic application that the user creates on the official website Indicates all important information about the current currency rate, percentage Commissions, which charges PS for conducting exchange / payments, remuneration arbuz.io for the provision of services, as well as the total amount of email sent Currency (cryptocurrencies).

5. 4. Arbuz.io writes off the cost of its remuneration during appropriate operation. Remuneration will be deducted from the sum of the result Currencies.

6. Cryptocurrency exchange

6. 1. The User, by submitting an Application, instructs Arbuz.io at the expense of of the User and on his behalf to exchange the Electronic Currency of one PS for the currency of another PS, that is, to exchange the Source currency for the Resulting one. Naturally, chosen by the User himself.

6. 2. Each User must transfer the Source Currency, in the amount which is specified in the Application submitted by the User, and Arbuz.io, after receiving it undertakes to transfer to the User the resulting currency, which calculated according to the Exchange Rate and according to the tariffs of the service.

6. 3. The Arbuz.io reward amount is shown in the Application and the User confirms his agreement with it by pressing the "Next" button; on the page of the user interface when submitting an electronic Application.

6. 4. Obligations of Arbuz.io to transfer Electronic currencies (cryptocurrencies) The User is considered to be completed at the time of debiting from the account of the Electronic currency in the PS from the account, which is recorded in the transaction history of the PS itself.

6. 5. Arbuz.io gives from 15 minutes to half an hour. If the Service does not fix the payment within the specified period of time, then the transaction will be canceled automatically. If the payment went through after the expiration term for the transaction, the User needs to contact technical support exchange service in order to restore the transaction and complete the exchange. In this situation, the rate will be fixed after the transaction is restored.

6. 6. To carry out operations in the directions where Users send e-currency to Arbuz.io allocates from half an hour to 45 minutes, depending from the currency itself. The exchange rate at the time of the transaction will be fixed. In a situation when a transaction for some reason was not recorded in the blockchain in the period of time set for the transaction, the exchange procedure will be canceled. If the required number of network confirmations is not received within the specified time received, then in this situation the rate will be fixed only after the required number of confirmations will be received. When the sent transaction receives a sufficient number of confirmations in the blockchain, the exchange will take place automatically.

If the coins were sent, and the transaction itself was canceled, then it will be automatically restored after a transaction appears on the network, and will be paid after it receives enough network confirmations.

More detailed information about the number of confirmations and time per trade, with taking into account the direction of exchange, can be found in the Table No. 1 below.

Table #1

Bitcoin (BTC)301
Litecoin (LTC)301
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)301
Zcash (ZEC)301
Dash (DASH)301
Ripple (XRP)3020
Stellar (XLM)3020
Monero (XMR)4510
Dogecoin (DOGE)3015
Tether TRC20 (USDT)301
Tether ERC20 (USDT)3065
Ethereum Classic (ETC)30300
Ethereum (ETH)3065
Waves (WAVES)3090
Tron (TRX)3020
Tether BEP20 (USDT)3040
USD Coin (USDC ERC20)3065
USD Coin (USDC TRC20)3020
Polkadot (DOT)30200
Cardano (ADA)30100
Solana (SOL)30500
Dai (DAI)3065
Polygon (MATIC)30860
WhiteBIT Token TRC-203020
WhiteBIT Token ERC-203065

6. 7. When exchanging cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies Arbuz.io allocates from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the direction of exchange. The exchange rate in these areas is not fixed and may vary depending on the exchange rate. The basis is the Whitebit exchange rate plus the service commission, which is already included in the exchange rate. If the coins were sent, but the transaction did not take place, then it will pass automatically when a transaction appears on the network and paid after the required number of network confirmations is dialed. Learn more about the number of confirmations and allocated time per trade can be found in Table 2.

Table #2

Tether TRC20 (USDT)3010
Litecoin (LTC)3010
Bitcoin (BTC)302
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)3010
Zcash (ZEC)3022
Ripple (XRP)301
Stellar (XLM)301
Monero (XMR)4510
Dogecoin (DOGE)3015
Ethereum Classic (ETC)30300
Ethereum (ETH)3065
Waves (WAVES)3090
Tron (TRX)301
Polkadot (DOT)30200
Dash (DASH)3010
Tether ERC20 (USDT)3065
Tether BEP20 (USDT)3040
USD Coin (USDC ERC20)3065
USD Coin (USDC TRC20)3020
Solana (SOL)30500
Polygon (MATIC)30860
WhiteBIT Token TRC-203020
WhiteBIT Token ERC-203065

6. 8. Arbuz.io has the right to suspend the transaction and withhold electronic means of the User in order to prevent fraudulent and other actions aimed at financial and reputational losses for Users or Arbuz.io itself.

6. 9. Arbuz.io has the right to set quantitative and financial limits on Operations. Detailed information about the limits is indicated on the official website Arbuz.io.

7. Entry into force of this Agreement

7. 1. This agreement can be considered concluded according to the conditions of public Offer received by the user when submitting an application on the service website.

7. 2. Displays information about the conditions and application parameters on the official The site arbuz.io is a public offer.

7. 3. The adoption of the Public Offer is considered to be a user of actions. At the end of the formation of his application confirming his desire Use the services of arbuz.io under the conditions that are described in this Agreement, as well as listed in the electronic application.

7. 4. Date and time of acceptance of the Agreement, as well as the conditions of the application will be Fixed automatically by the site arbuz.io when the application is completed User.

7. 5. This Agreement enters into force from the moment it will be completed Formation of the application. The user has the right to make a refusal to perform the operation According to the application before payment of the operation.

8. Responsibility arbuz.io and users

8. 1. Arbuz.io is responsible to its users in size, which does not exceed the brought amount of cash or electronic currency by the user.

8. 2. Arbuz.io is not responsible for some faults, failures or Errors in software tools that provide operation services arbuz.io, if they arose for reasons that are not depend on the service itself, as well as for the caused due to this loss User.

8. 3. Arbuz.io provides services exclusively by purchasing / selling, exchange electronic currencies and under any circumstances does not accept funds in the benefit of some third parties, including prohibits an exchange for electronic Wallets and accounts that do not belong to the user. Arbuz.io does not enter into partnerships not concludes contracts with payments for payments for Products or services categorically do not welcome similar relationships. Arbuz.io is forbidden to use as an intermediate service for conducting some mutual settlements between buyers and sellers (for example, customers and performers and other).

8. 4. Arbuz.io is not responsible for the losses of users who There were due to unlawful actions of 3 persons.

8. 5. Arbuz.io users carry all responsibility for accuracy The provided information they indicate by filling the application on the site. In the case if the user does not indicate or provided incorrect data, then Arbuz.io will not be responsible for the possible losses of the user if they happened because of the mistakes made. If the error is possible to eliminate, then The playground has the right to keep electronic means until the moment The problem is completely permitted.

8. 6. Information on all operations is stored in the site database and is the main source for which in the event of controversial situations The parties to this Agreement are focused.

8. 7. Parties can be released from liability for full / partial failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement if Failure to fulfill the obligations occurred due to the circumstances of force majeure, appeared after the entry into force of this agreement as a result Emergency events that could not be provided and prevented.

8. 8. For other cases of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations This agreement, both parties shall be liable under the legislation. RF taking into account the terms of the agreement.

9. Other provisions

9. 1. Arbuz.io has the right to unilaterally make changes to Agreement through the publication of changes on the official website — www.arbuz.io. The amendments come into force from the date of publication, unless another date for the entry into force of the changes is specified when their publications.

9. 2. Arbuz.io has the full right to refuse the User to complete the application without giving a reason for the refusal.

9. 3. Arbuz.io in case of suspicious actions during registration by the User The application has the right to suspend the execution of operations until the reasons are clarified, to avoid damage from hacker attacks.

9. 4. Arbuz.io may refuse to exchange, purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies, if the transfer of the Source currency to the Arbuz.io account was carried out without a preliminary application using custom interfaces on the site. Cryptocurrency, in this situation, upon request can be returned to the User minus the PS fee, if any.

9. 5. Arbuz.io has the right to send Users to the specified email mail during registration information about the status of the currency exchange process, because this is an essential element in the successful completion of the Operation.

9. 6. All possible disputes and disagreements that have arisen or may arise of this Agreement, must be resolved through negotiations on based on a written application by the User. Arbuz.io upon receipt claims from the User must make a decision within fifteen days — meet the stated requirements or give a reasoned refusal User.

All necessary documents must be attached to the decision. In case if the disagreements that have arisen will not be resolved in the complaint procedure within two months (60 days), each Party may apply for permission disagreements to the court at the location of the User.

The user confirms that he has read all terms of this Agreement and unconditionally accepts them.

Agreement published on "05" March 2022